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Teddy Roosevelt at Oswegatchie Fair

U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt spoke to the crowd at the Oswegatchie Fair in Ogdensburg in 1899 when he was governor of New York State.

At the Sherman Inn, we have a copy of the drawing showing him at the fair.

Harper's Magazine published the drawings by W.A. Rogers who was sent to Ogdensburg 121 years ago today on Sept. 5 to record the governor's activities that day.

Part of his speech and other photos of Roosevelt are on display at the Theodore Roosevelt suite at the Sherman Inn where we think it's important to remember some of the important moments in Ogdensburg's history.

This copy is reprinted from the July, 1987 edition of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association's Quarterly which published an extensive article on the history of fairs in the county. Help support the St. Lawrence County Historical Association and it's Quarterly Magazine which is currently conducting a membership drive.


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